Lao Kids

On our trip to northern Laos, we had the opportunity to visit several remote villages and interacted at some level with the locals. The children were intriguing in that in many ways they are like any child anywhere in the world. They may not have video games or fancy toys, but they find ways to play and are curious about foreigners.

Who needs a bike or scooter, when you can pull your brother around on an old rice bag.

 Posing for a picture

One member of our group brought a Polaroid camera and some very out of date film. We took photos of children, sometimes parents, too, and gave them the developing photo. The pictures were not the best quality, but the kids loved them.

 Excited to watch the picture appear.

 A swing attached to the raised porch on a house.

 More boys posing for a photo, not really understanding why.

Watching the strangers leave the village; all is going back to normal.


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