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Channeling My Driver's Education: Mr. Watson and Mr. Yost

It seems like driving skills and driver etiquette have diminished since I first got behind the wheel of an automobile and began traveling the highways and byways of this earth. Maybe this is just the musings of someone in search of the good old days, but I don't think that's completely true. I'm not averse to traveling at a mile or two above the speed limit on a highway, and I am willing to suffer the consequences of receiving a traffic ticket. What does disturb me more and more is the disregard for a red traffic signal or coming to a stop at a stop sign.

Yes, I did learn to drive some time ago. It has been more than fifty years, but who's counting. I acquired my learner's permit in Pennsylvania when I was sixteen years old. I did most of my behind the wheel learning on two vehicles, a 1952 Plymouth and a 1951 Dodge pickup truck. Both had a three speed, manual transmission with shift lever on the steering column. Most of my learner's permit hours were in the Pl…

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