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Inspiration comes in many forms. One may find it in the actions of people or in an experience. It often happens when one least expects it. 
For more than 10 years, my wife, has participated in the Senior Games. I often find something very inspiring when I attend a state or national event. The Senior Games are sporting events for folks who have reached their fiftieth year on earth. There is no upper limit in age for the participants, but one may not start before fifty. The games are held annually at the state level and nationally every two years. The participants compete in five year age brackets, 50 to 54, 55 to 59, 60 to 64 and so on. The brackets are broken into men's and women's competitions for most sports. The National Senior Games move around the country to cities having venues that can handle the twenty four or more events ranging from archery to volleyball. More often than not, the events that I watch most closely are swimming and triathlon. Why these two events? My w…

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