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Casa Anselma - late night and early morning

We are in our last days of a month long stay in Sevilla. On our list of to do things was flamenco at small, intimate venues. I had compiled a list and we had already had some serendipitous experiences. One venue on my list was a no frills, no advertising, and no entrance fee place called Casa Anselma. 

Casa Anselma, Calle Pagés del Corro 49
I was a little concerned about going to Casa Anselma. From what I read, the opening time is somewhat variable, but always after 11:45 PM. There is often a line of people waiting for the doors to open; this forms before 11:30 PM. It is a small place; perhaps a capacity of 60 or 70 patrons. There is no schedule of performers, but the music will be generally flamenco style. The late night and waiting in a line with the possibility of not getting in weighed in on the negative side of our considerations.
Last night, we got a late start in finding a dinner place. We headed to an Italian spot we had passed several times. We arrived without a reservation and …

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