Soraypampa via Mollepata

 In May, we went on a trek to Machu Picchu. We didn't take the Inca Trail; we took the Salkantay Trail which is a little longer and goes over some higher passes. Also, the trek we took had us staying in small lodges each night, not tents. We left from Cusco with Soraypampa as the first day destination.

Our first stop was at the Tarawasi historic site in Limatambo. This was an Inca site that was commandeered by the Spanish and became a hacienda for a Spanish overseer.  The remains of the hacienda are in various stages of ruin or in restoration.

Some of the employees doing the restoration and maintance at Tarawasi, live in portions of the hacienda.

We moved on to the last village town of any size, Mollepata. We ate a box lunch in the plaza and visited a cooperative of local weavers. It is a quiet town with a couple of stores and a church.

At the weavers' co-op, we were given the once over by a child of one of the weavers.

Just a few kilometers from Mollenpata, we came to the first of many tiendas (stores) that we were to encounter over the course of the trek.

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  1. Dear Friend:
    Thanks for posting a picture of the remains of one of my family plantations in Cuzco. It is true that an ancestor was an 'overseer' but by my mother line we had the place years before being from an Inca panaka, or imperial blood.
    Thanks again for the nice picture , so sad that now it is an 'archeological site' and it is not a home, which it was built to be on the first place, some hundred years ago.

  2. I really liked the picture of one of the old plantations of my family on the valley of Limatambo, its walls, with the sunflower design, made the most beautiful country home possible for centuries, until the 'agrarian reform' expropriated it, and the new owners (the peasants) decided to sell the land by the square meter, killing the trees that my ancestors planted.


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